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Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives


Danfoss Variable Speed Drives (also known as Frequency Inverters) can be used to speed control conventional motors by varying the frequency of the electrical supply to the motor.

Varying the speed of a motor based on the variable demand of an application can dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve the total system efficiency. Other reasons for adjusting the speed of a motor may include matching the speed, torque or power of the drive to the process requirements, reducing mechanical stress on machines, or lowering noise levels.

Danfoss Variable Speed Drives can operate as standalone devices using built in PID / PLC functionality or can be integrated into external control systems/networks such as Direct Digital Control (DDC) and Building Management Systems (BMS). They are able to receive low level interface (LLI) analogue & digital signals and common high level interface (HLI) protocols to satisfy these requirements.

Danfoss Sine-Wave Filters can be used in conjunction with Danfoss Variable Speed Drives to smooth phase-to-phase output voltage. This results in reduced acoustic noise of switching frequencies, reduced motor insulation stress and bearing currents, and allows the speed control of older motors, external rotor motors, or motors in applications where the length of the motor cables exceed standard limitations.

Technical Data
Model Supply Motor Motor Power (kW) Motor Current (A) Enclosure Rating
VLT HVAC Drive FC 102 380-415V 3ph 50/60Hz 3ph 1.1 - 90 3 - 177 IP55 / IP66
VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 380-415V 3ph 50/60Hz 3ph 0.75 - 90 2.2 - 177 IP54
VLT Micro Drive FC 51

200-240V 1ph 50/60Hz
380-415V 3ph 50/60Hz

0.18 - 2.2
0.37 - 22.0
1.2 - 9.6
1.2 - 43.0
VLT Sine-Wave Filter MCC 101 200-500V 3ph 50/60Hz 3ph 0.37-250 2.5-480 IP20/IP23

* Only for motors that are 415V star/240V delta, the motors are then connected in delta

Users Manual & Quick Guide
Model Programing Guide Operating Guide
VLT HVAC Drive FC 102 View View
VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 View View
VLT Micro Drive FC 51 View View


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