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Rapid Response Header Box

Rapid Response Header Box


The stylish and modern Rapid Response ceiling mounted header box fan is the quietest and most powerful in its class. Its fully optimised inlet cone and centrifugal impeller design maximises air pressure that ensures rooms are quickly cleared of steam and unpleasant odours. It includes features such as a unique swing clip and removable spigot that makes it very easy to install into a standard 10" round fan cut out.
Typical Application
Exhausts from residential or light commercial applications such as toilets, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and ensuites. Its low profile compact design and side exhaust outlet makes it suitable for mounting between floors and applications with low ceiling heights such as cathedral ceilings.
  • Advanced impeller and housing design provides powerful air flow and minimises noise
  • High strength swing clips make installation easy
  • Low resistance non-return backdraft damper maximises air flow performance
  • Easy to remove diffuser makes cleaning simple
  • Can be retrofitted into a standard 10" round fan cut out
  • Fitted plug and lead simplifies installation
  • Square diffuser can be easily rotated to align with walls
  • Available with a modern square or round diffuser
  • Available with a 3 to 15 minute adjustable run-on timer

Single Phase Models

Product CodeDiameter
@ 3m
[Pa] -Recom


15016  0.06 0.27 37 160 0.10


15016  0.06 0.27 37 160 0.10


15016  0.03 0.125 29 98 0.06


15016  0.03 0.125 29 98 0.06
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