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JetVent Car Park EC Fans - LH Series

JetVent Car Park EC Fans - LH Series


The JetVent LH (Low Profile) EC model fan is designed to clear harmful pollutants from enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces. It features a compact overall size and a very narrow height, which may enable the car park’s floor to ceiling dimensions to be reduced.

The Low Profile JetVent comes in three phase model with a centrifugal aluminium impeller, has been developed for higher air flows and has a pre-set speed thrust rating of 23 Newtons.

Typical Application
Car parks with reduced floor to ceiling dimensions that contain harmful levels of vehicle exhaust pollutants. These spaces include commercial car parks, loading bays and drive through facilities.
  • The LH JetVent is a three phase EC model
  • An energy efficient ventilation system that provides the ventilation rate according to the CO or NOx pollutant levels in the space.
  • Available with a factory fitted and fully integrated smoke detection kit mounted to the side of the JetVent fan.
  • Additional decentralised smoke detectors can be connected to the JetVent system based on car park layout.
  • Utilises Aviator controls to digitally connect JetVent fans, Supply & Exhaust fans, Sensors and the BMS together.
  • Aviator controls with propriety ComLink system provides a simple control wiring scheme with easy installation, fast commissioning and a high level of system monitoring.
  • EC motor features reverse polarity protection, locked rotor protection and soft starting.
  • EC motor technology eliminates the need for external VSDs, current overloads and motor phase protection.

Three Phase Models

Product CodeDiameter
@ 3m
Thrust, N


45030  1.7 2.6 69 46.80
Elta Group