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JetVent Car Park EC Fans - ULH Series

JetVent Car Park EC Fans - ULH Series


The JetVent ULH (Ultra Low Height) car park EC fan is designed to clear harmful pollutants from enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces. They feature a compact overall size and a very narrow height, which may enable the car park’s floor to ceiling dimensions to be reduced.

The Low Profile JetVent comes as a much more compact, single phase unit with mixed-flow ‘Ultra’ impeller, has been designed to be quieter and has a pre-set speed thrust rating of 18.9 Newtons.

Typical Application
Car parks with reduced floor to ceiling dimensions that contain harmful levels of vehicle exhaust pollutants. These spaces include commercial / domestic car parks and loading bays.
  • The ULH JetVent is a single phase EC model
  • An energy efficient ventilation system that provides the ventilation rate according to the CO or NOx pollutant levels in the space.
  • Available with a factory fitted and fully integrated smoke detection kit mounted to the side of the JetVent fan.
  • Additional decentralised smoke detectors can be connected to the JetVent system based on car park layout.
  • Utilises Aviator controls to digitally connect JetVent fans, Supply & Exhaust fans, Sensors and the BMS together.
  • Aviator controls with propriety ComLink system provides a simple control wiring scheme with easy installation, fast commissioning and a high level of system monitoring.
  • EC motor features reverse polarity protection, locked rotor protection and soft starting.
  • EC motor technology eliminates the need for external VSDs, current overloads and motor phase protection.

Single Phase Models

Product CodeDiameter
@ 3m
Thrust, N


31535  0.56 2.8 57 23
Elta Group