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Vale Glen Harries - Loved and respected by all that knew him.
April 13, 2022

It is with great sadness that Fantech announces the passing away of Fantech Co-Founder Glen Harries on Thursday April 7th 2022.

Glen and great mate Jack Pirie founded Air & Noise Equipment (later changed to Fantech) from a bedroom in Glen’s house. Together they built the company from virtually nothing but a passion to provide customers with the highest quality products and service. Glen and Jack built this start-up fan business to be one of the most respected commercial fan and air movement companies in Australia and New Zealand, before selling it to Elta Group.

In 1960 both Glen and Jack met each other when they were working for the same firm and later both attended the same college in London. In 1967 Glen joined Jack in Australia, taking a position in the same company as a Sales Engineer where he concentrated on fans and developing an interest in noise control products.

Jack and Glen met up one evening in 1973 for a drink where they both decided to form a new fan company and start an unbreakable friendship that would see many highs and lows. Both men had good engineering skills and a talent for design so it was a natural progression when Fantech moved in the late 1970s from representing manufacturers to developing products of its own. Fantech soon had a number of product successes, including the Minivent roof unit that was first developed for a new shopping centre. In 1997 Glen retired from his position as Director of Fantech but continued to contribute from his wealth of knowledge and experience for more than 10 years.

Glen was a pragmatic businessman and an astute engineer who loved his work and enjoyed making people laugh. Those who spent time with Glen knew him as a fantastic mentor and a great friend. Jack described Glen as the most logically minded person he had ever come across and that he had the most analytical way of dealing with problems. Glen was highly respected in the industry and was loved by his customers and the many people he worked with.

Our condolences and best wishes are with his family.

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